Hedge Vision Systems


Hedge Vision Systems was founded in 2020 with the focus on accelerating the digital transformation, cloud adaptability and building data driven apps with data security at its core.

We are a DPIIT recognized startup. #startupindia

Who We Are

We are a product development and technology consulting firm with focus on building data driven modern apps with data security at its core. On the product side our data security and credential management platform “First Vault” caters to retail, enterprise and government agencies alike. On the tech consulting side, we have a niche in the finance domain and our offerings cater to all industries alike and help them accelerate their digital transformation.

We specialize in providing data security and governance, technology consulting, analyzing business requirements, data warehousing, business intelligence, analytics and third party integration.

  • Integrity

  • Transparency

  • Trust and Accountability

  • Teamwork

What we do

We have two verticals, products and consulting.


First Vault

One stop shop providing data security and credential management. We believe in online and data security for all and that is why we have built a system which can be used by retail and enterprises or government agencies alike to secure their sensitive data using our platform. In today's challenging times when we hear the news of breaches across various platforms and data being leaked, our solution provides security against such activities and ensures that even if networks are breached the DATA IS SECURE.

Checkout: https://firstvault.net


With this product our vision is to provide Data Warehousing as a service. As the name suggests this tool is a solution for you to integrate from your multiple data sources, with few clicks and simultaneously create a data dictionary and tracker for reference.


  • Bespoke product/app development using the latest in demand technologies. Analyze your legacy systems, redefine and reengineer with modern technologies.Enabling apps for cloud hosting and building api first architecture to scale apps and define single point of truth.
  • DWH and BI: We analyze the business needs and propose data-warehousing solutions, on prem or in cloud. Provide data analysis and BI services on top for real time or near real time business queries and demands and generate insights to make informed decisions. Build your proprietary data warehouse with ELT or ETL designs.
  • Business Analysis, Standardize and Define processes: understand and identify the current challenges and propose the tech process and solutions for streamlining.

Setting up Offshore Development Centers (ODCs)

Set up your own dedicated team to scale horizontally and keep up with ever increasing business demands.