Hedge Vision Systems


First Vault

First Vault is the one stop shop for credential
management and data security.
Checkout: https://firstvault.net


We provide out of the box capabilities to encrypt and store sensitive data on your servers. Data is encrypted on the client side, so only authorized people having access to the app can access the info when needed.

Your data is safe even in event of a breach or unauthorized access. With more and more government and institutional regulations coming around storing personal or sensitive data in a secure way, our engine gives you capabilities to adhere to all the guidelines.

Credential Manager

  • End to End encrypted.
  • Service account management.
  • Admin portal to manage employees vault, service credentials and api keys
  • Securely access your api keys, credentials, for IOT integration.
  • Access to all historic/previous passwords and notes
  • Password Generator
  • Password sharing with coworkers
  • Export your secure vault
  • Cloud or self hosted option available


Integrate with external data providers or cloud solutions like salesforce seamlessly. Standardize your imports and exports.

Our integrator tool comes with a data dictionary engine which can be referred to determine source and destination map, define import attributes and their data types and track location of source and archived feeds. We support delimited files, web apis, CRM, excel, relational and non-relational databases.


  • Bespoke and tailored solutions
  • Software engineering and architecture
  • Application modernization
  • Cloud adaptation
  • Fintech systems
  • DevOps


Build your proprietary data warehouse with ELT or ETL designs. Define data governance protocols (security, quality and availability). Streamline your reporting with interactive dashboards


We analyze the business needs and propose data-warehousing solutions.Provide data analysis and BI services on top for real time or near real time business queries and demands.

Setting up offshore development centers (odcs)

Set up your own dedicated team to scale horizontally and keep up with ever increasing business demands.